Terror threat from Islamic extremists and far-Right fascists ‘set to rise’

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The threat from Islamic extremists and fascist terrorists intent on murder will increase in the coming years, Britain’s top police officer has warned.

Met Commissioner Cressida Dick revealed 14 far-Right thugs with “lethal capability” are currently in prison as police and MI5 battle to protect the public.

In the latest warning about the scale of the threat, she said the existing totals of 500 active terror investigations involving 3,000 suspects is only expected to grow.

She said: “We have large numbers of apparently volatile individuals in the UK, some of whom become determined to die, who may have been inspired largely through the web and decided on methodology learned from there too.

“The modern threat, more than ever, includes the encouraging of others to commit atrocious acts. That virus can infect communities and is spreading faster and more easily due to the internet.”

Dick expects the number of terror plots to rise
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She said encryption “frustrates” police investigations on a daily basis allowing suspects to communicate electronically in secret.

In her speech at Mansion House in the City of London on Thursday night, she warned that Daesh – also known as Islamic State – and al Qaeda are exploiting technology and the “relative ease of international travel” to promote their ideology.

In addition to the attacks at Westminster, Manchester, London Bridge and Finsbury Park, Ms Dick said six “attack planning plots” have been thwarted in the last four months.

“We can expect that figure to rise,” she added.

She added: “We should not forget the threat posed by other violent extremists, particularly the extreme right wing and those motivated by racist hatred, so vividly shown in the appalling events at Finsbury Park. We are dealing here with fewer individuals, less coordinated or organised.

But every year we see some with lethal intent brought to justice. As I speak, there are 14 Domestic Extremist individuals in custody, who had lethal capability and intent.”

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