Brexit fallout hits families at the petrol pump as they now pay an extra £142.56 for fuel

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Despite a spate of pump wars, drivers have been hammered by sky-high petrol prices with an extra £142.56 added to household bills for a two car family.

Figures from the AA reveal on average it costs £3 more to fill a hatchback than it did a year ago as millions pay for a plunging post Brexit pound.

Ahead of the vote to leave the EU in June last year, the pound was worth $1.48 but since the referendum it has fallen by 14.6%, averaging $1.26.

The cost to households over the year could have paid for two and a half week’s of groceries or covered a fortnight’s housing costs the AA said.

It found October was the toughest month for 33 million motorists when the pound slumped to $1.21 from $1.54 in 2015, sending the price of a litre of petrol rocketing by 8p on the forecourts.

On average, car owners have seen pump prices soar 5.4p a litre over the last 12 months
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On average, car owners have seen pump prices soar 5.4p a litre over the last 12 months.

AA President Edmund King said: “An extra £140 on a family’s annual petrol costs, courtesy of the weaker pound, has been a heavy burden.”

But he added: “However, the impact of sterling’s loss in value would have been far, far worse had the price of oil recovered and the commodity price of fuel with it.

“If the market cost of petrol had returned to the $730 a tonne of June 2015, drivers in October could have faced paying an extra 12p a litre or £6.60 a tank. For many families, that would have crippled their finances and left them once again having to cut back on food and essentials to afford to drive to work.”

Since the EU referendum vote, the pound as fallen by 14.6% against the dollar
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A round of supermarket price wars last month slashed 2p from a litre of fuel and prices are now hovering around 111.5p-112p a litre for unleaded and 112.5p a litre for diesel at the Big Four – Tesco , Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

The average UK price for unleaded is 114.7p a litre and 115.4p a litre for diesel, AA figures show.

Families hitting the road this weekend for the great British getaway will pay the most for unleaded in the South East where it is 115.1p a litre and the least in the North East where prices are 113.8p.

And those filling up with diesel in the South East will shell out 116p a litre compared with 114.5p in the North East.

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